(Agreement & Rules and Regulations)
In order to make the Buffalo Niagara CLS the most efficient and useful as possible, the local chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors WNY NYSCAR have established the following user agreement as well as rules and regulations. In order to join the database and submit properties you must read the rules and regulations and then print the User Agreement, sign, and then scan and email to: wnynyscar@wnynyscar.com. In addition please regular mail the original signed User Agreement to the address as instructed on the form. It is important to note that only "Exclusive Commercial Property Listings" located within the eight County chapter territory and listed by a New York State Licensee may be entered into the CLS.

User Agreement
Rules and Regulations

This link, http://www.vimeo.com/14189517, will take you to a webinar to give the user a basic understanding of how to navigate the system. If you have more questions regarding using the database, please contact wnynyscar@wnynyscar.com or if you would like to request a live demonstration for your office, please contact mailto:info@buffaloniagara.org.

Upon membership, you will receive an email that contains a document that outline a series of criteria used to identify, within the database, properties that align with target industries for Western New York. While this data is not truly proprietary, it does reflect a vast amount of time and resources of the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise and could dramatically reduce a competing region's time and due diligence to gather the same data. This is why the information will be sent to you individually, rather than posting the file to download on this page.

Below you will find a link to a Microsoft Word document that outlines all of the fields for a property listing and in some cases explains its purpose. This form can also be used by office admins or a marketing department who might manage multiple brokers' listings to gather information. If you have any issues with the document or further questions about the fields, please contact: Christopher Finn, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, 716-541-1762, cfinn@buffaloniagara.org. Please click here to download the document directly or copy/paste this link into your browser window: http://www.wnynyscar.com/images/bncls/CLS%20Fields.doc


Buffalo Niagara CLS FAQs
As reoccurring issues this document will be updated.
For technical support, please contact:
Christopher Finn
Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

I get an error message when entering a property regarding city/state pair names?
Due to the functionality of the system, when uploading a property you must type in the municipality name exactly as it appears on the front end search form. So Amherst should be entered as Amherst town, etc. This will change when the system vendor switches the back end field to a drop down box to synchronize with the front end.
This will also arise as an issue when searching on the back end for property after you’ve logged in. Again you must specifically use the municipal names listed in the search form on the public side.

When I try to upload a picture it doesn’t work OR I get an error message about image number?
When uploading images there are three things to keep in mind:
First - The system arranges the photos from left to right and they are ordered sequentially by a number you assign to it. So whatever picture you want to be the primary shot should have the lowest file name (number).
Second - You also cannot change the order once they are uploaded. Therefore when you upload, it is recommend you space out the numbers to leave room for other images.
Third – When you upload an image, the file name does not matter, however you have to have a image number entered before you upload the picture.
Example  – You upload three images progressing through your site’s space. As you upload these pictures, in the image number field you should use the labels 10, 20, and 30 respectively. (Again not the actual  file name, but in the image number field)This way if you take a picture that sequentially should be in between 10 and 20, you can label the new one 15, and the order will be maintained.

I notice when I’m at a property I can export it to a file, but the URL doesn’t change. Can I send the property as a link?
Yes. Once you click on the site you’d like to distribute, simply click “Share” then select the “Link” option. A popup will appear and you can send someone directly to the listing.

What is the “My Folder” button?
If you are putting together multiple opportunities for a client, as you pull up each property, when you hover over the “Save” option, you have the option to choose which reports to save. Then once you click on the headings in “My Folder” you can choose which files you’d like to export.